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Ultrasonic sensor review: Parallax Ping, SainSmart HC-SR04, RadioShack Ultrasonic Range Sensor

Ultrasonic sensors are great for providing distance sensing to robots so they can navigate around obstacles and hopefully prevent them from crashing at high speed and damaging themselves. Probably like many people new to robotics, I have been using the Parallax Ping sensor as well as the RadioShack Ultrasonic Range Sensor, which are both great products, but at $30 each… Read more »

BitScope Micro Review

I’ve been looking for a low cost hobby level oscilloscope for quite a while now. Entry level oscilloscopes such as the Rigol DS1052E start at around $400 which is way more kit than I need for my occasional tinkering, but without an oscilloscope it is practically impossible to work on some projects. I considered the low cost DSO Nano¬†which is… Read more »