Monthly Archives: September 2014

Learning to Program the PIC Microcontroller

I’ve been using Arduino for a while now (2 years on and off) and they are great development boards that are easy to learn. The only problem is that it gets expensive to include full boards in each project so I’ve been looking at cheaper alternatives. I recently learned about the Microchip PIC range of micro-controllers from a friend at… Read more »

How to install Eagle PCB on 64 bit Ubuntu 14.04

Eagle PCB is only available as a 32 bit download for Linux, so I ran into this error trying to install on a system running the 64 bit version of Ubuntu 14.04.

To fix this, I just had to install the 32 bit versions of those libraries, which took a little tracking down, so to save others some time… Read more »

Ultrasonic sensor comparison part 2

In my previous post, I posted some comparisons of some expensive $30 ultrasonic sensors (the Parallax Ping and the RadioShack Range Finder) and some cheap HC-SR04 sensors. I came to the conclusion that the HC-SR04 sensors were not as accurate but it turns out my testing approach was deeply flawed and my results and conclusions were completely incorrect. These tests… Read more »