Monthly Archives: October 2014

First AVR Project: Ultrasonic sensor tester

OK, these are just baby steps, but I have completed my first non-Arduino micro-controller project. It is exactly twice as complicated as a blinking LED. Basically it is a board for testing HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensors. The code simply takes a measurement from the sensor and then blinks an LED with a frequency that is proportional to the reading from the… Read more »

Learning to program AVR micro-controllers

About a month ago, I wrote about learning to program PIC micro-controllers. Well, since then I’ve been learning about programming Atmel AVR micro-controllers. The Arduino Uno is actually based on the Atmel ATmega328p, so I have already been using these micro-controllers through the Arduino IDE and its simplified language and libraries, but now I’m learning to use them directly. One… Read more »

NoCo Mini Maker Faire Daleks!

I’m showing off my Dalek at the Noco Mini Maker Faire this weekend at The Gizmo Dojo (Broomfield Makerspace) booth. One of the highlights of the show for me so far was meeting fellow Dalek-builder Samuel Presgraves and his NSD (New Season Dalek). It was fun getting a photo of them together. It was also great to see Azman Sugi’s excellent… Read more »