Hi! I’m Andy Grove. By day, I’m a CTO working at a software startup. Outside of work I like to tinker with embedded hardware (Arduino, AVR, Raspberry Pi), electronics, 3D printing, and many other “maker” skills.

This web site was originally called “the other” Andy Grove to differentiate myself from the famous Andy Grove who was one of the original founders at Intel.

Some of my projects have been features in these articles on other sites:


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4 thoughts on “About


    Hello friend, I saw your posting on the modulation of voice to dalek, tried to play but could not modulate the voice, only in normal mode leaves the voice.

    Would you help me?

  2. Christian Jaques

    Dear Andy,

    For an event happening in Switzerland in about 3 weeks, we’re trying to do something very similar to your PiPiano project.
    Basically, a Raspberry Pi is mounted on a rotating motor, with a distance sensor. Then, you can place object more or less far from the Pi, and it plays a sound depending on the distance… Very close to your project :)

    I can’t seem to get fluidsynth to work on my Pi and this bugs me, you mention in your Instructables article that you may provide a ready-to-be-burnt image, could you maybe share it with me ?

    Anyways, even if you don’t have an image to be shared, thanks a lot for the articles, and congratulations, your PiPiano is really cool!



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