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OnShape FTW

andygrove   November 6, 2015   No Comments on OnShape FTW

When I purchased my 3D printer almost a year ago, my main interest was in being able to design my own objects to print. I was able to print some simple mounts using SketchUp but have struggled to advance beyond simple designs for a long time. Recently, I learned about OnShape from my local makerspace. OnShape is a browser-based, hosted CAD… Read more »

NoCo Mini Maker Faire Daleks!

I’m showing off my Dalek at the Noco Mini Maker Faire this weekend at The Gizmo Dojo (Broomfield Makerspace) booth. One of the highlights of the show for me so far was meeting fellow Dalek-builder Samuel Presgraves and his NSD (New Season Dalek). It was fun getting a photo of them together. It was also great to see Azman Sugi’s excellent… Read more »

Ars Technica article featuring my Daleks

I was pleasantly surprised to see my two Dalek projects featured in an Ars Technica article 11 Arduino projects that require major hacking skills. The first project was this simple obstacle avoiding robot Dalek using an Arduino and some ultrasonic sensors. For more information about this project, click here. The second is a full size Dalek that I built in 2012… Read more »

New Dome

andygrove   February 10, 2013   No Comments on New Dome

The one part of my Dalek build that I just wasn’t happy with was the dome that I made from papier mache. It was OK but just not authentic enough, so I managed to buy a fiber glass dome from the UK from another Dalek builder. It arrived in the mail today and it definitely looks a lot better. Here’s… Read more »