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More progress

andygrove   September 23, 2012   No Comments on More progress

This weekend I made the base for the skirt to sit on and fixed the hemis in place by gluing them onto cardboard circles (slight larger than the hemis) and then using duct tape to hold them in place inside the skirt.

Plunger arm and gun

I couldn’t find a suitable size plunger so I improvised and used the lid from a toddler’s drinking bottle. I spray painted this black and used two pieces of aluminum tube for the plunger arm.   I made the gun from piece of wooden dowel, spray painted to look metallic. I used a 1/16″ drill bit to make holes for… Read more »

Dalek in motion

andygrove   April 12, 2012   No Comments on Dalek in motion

Here’s a quick video of the Dalek so far. I’m using an Arduino microcontroller with three ultra-sonic sensors in the fender for obstacle detection and an L293D IC to drive two small motors. [youtube] Here are some photos of the electronics in the fender. Once I’ve finalized the design I plan on making a single PCB to hold all the… Read more »

Skirt and Fender Painted

This weekend I sprayed the skirt with “GM Gunmetal Gray Metallic” aerosol spray paint and I’m pretty pleased with the results. I also sprayed some ping pong balls with a flat black paint. This is now really starting to look like a Genesis Dalek. I also created a fender from some 3mm MDF with 1 inch wide strips of hobby wood… Read more »

The Dalek build starts!

I found an excellent web site at that provides plans for building various models of Dalek. I’ve decided to build a classic “Genesis Dalek” from the 70’s. This is the Dalek that I used to watch from behind the sofa as a child. I decided to start off with building the Dalek’s “skirt”. This is basically the bottom half of the… Read more »