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Making music with Ultrasonic Sensors, MIDI, and a Raspberry Pi

I have been working on a fun project to make an exhibit for my local makerspace to take to events. I had a ton of spare ultrasonic sensors lying around so I decided to experiment with turning them into a musical instrument using a Raspberry Pi running a software synth. This project has now been featured on Hackaday! There is also a… Read more »

NoCo Mini Maker Faire Daleks!

I’m showing off my Dalek at the Noco Mini Maker Faire this weekend at The Gizmo Dojo (Broomfield Makerspace) booth. One of the highlights of the show for me so far was meeting fellow Dalek-builder Samuel Presgraves and his NSD (New Season Dalek). It was fun getting a photo of them together. It was also great to see Azman Sugi’s excellent… Read more »