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The Hackaday Effect

So this is what happens when your fun hobby project gets featured on Hackaday. I guess I’ve had my 5 minutes of fame and now I have gone back to obscurity. It’s interesting to note that this traffic spike to my YouTube videos only netted me a couple of bucks in revenue so I’m still several years away from receiving… Read more »

The Darby Digger

andygrove   January 4, 2015   3 Comments on The Darby Digger

My Dad told me about the Darby Digger many years ago and I just saw another mention of it today and I thought I’d share it here. The Darby Digger was a steam-driven machine for ploughing fields. It was invented around 20 years earlier than the tractor that we are familiar with today. My great grandfather, Robert Hasler, helped build it. Here’s a… Read more »

NeoPixel Lantern

I created this colorful lantern using some Neopixel LEDs from Adafruit. In terms of electronics, this is a very simple project. It is just an Arduino-compatible microcontroller (I used an Adafruit Trinket) and 12 Neopixel LEDs (also from Adafruit). [youtube] The LEDs are mounted on some cardstock and connected together with breadboard female-female jumper cables. The lantern is also lined with… Read more »

Painting the hemis

This weekend I have taken 28 “acrylic fillable ball ornaments” and remove the eye that is used for hanging them up and then painted them on the inside only with some Rustoleum black paint. Painting them on the inside gives them a nice glossy look from the outside.