Dalek Voice Changer

This page is about my original Dalek Voice Changer project using an Adafruit Wave Shield. Following on from this, I later made a custom Arduino shield, which you can read about here and purchase here.

This is my Dalek Voice Changer in action. I started this project back in September 2012 just using the Arduino and a few passive components. I recently started working on this project again and switched to using an Adafruit Wave Shield, which helped immensely as it has a 12 bit DAC and an op-amp with low-pass filter on-board. Adafruit had also published a great voice changer sketch which I was able to modify to get the Dalek ring modulator effect.

If you want to make your own, here are some instructions. You will need the following items:

The first step is to assemble the wave shield according to the tutorial. Make sure that you solder a connection between AREF and 3.3V since we’ll be connecting the mic to 3.3V.

Next, connect the Mic to the Arduino as follows:

  • Mic GND to Arduino GND
  • Mic VCC to Arduino 3.3V
  • Mic AUD to Arduino Analog Pin 0 (A0)

For dome lights, connect pin 9 to the LEDs via the resistors. If you want to control more powerful dome lights then you could have pin 9 drive a MOSFET, although I haven’t personally tried this.

Finally, upload my modified version of the Adafruit voice changer sketch, which is available here and you will have the same setup shown in the above video. If you make one of these please let me know in the comments section below or on my Google+ page and provide a link to your video if possible. I’d love to see what people do with this!

I’d also like to thank the members of the Project Dalek forums that have been helping me with this project. There is a great discussion thread here (requires free account) where people are building various versions of this project.

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11 thoughts on “Dalek Voice Changer

  1. rio beardmore

    please could you let me have details regarding a dalek voice changer or where to get one from as im in the process of building onethank you regards rio

  2. Dwen Dooley

    Hi, I’m looking to do one of these with an Arduino Leonardo I have available. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Totally new to electronics, but I have time, as it’s for a 2015 halloween costume.

  3. David

    Can this be adapted to have a mic jack? Im building an rc dalek and it looks like this thing is only set up for an on board mic

  4. andygrove Post author

    Hi David,

    This setup was for an external electric mic breakout board, which includes a pre-amp. The output of the pre-amp then goes to this board via jumper wires.

    You can buy separate pre-amp boards that take mic input and could then connect to the wave shield board.

    I hope that helps.


    1. David

      Thanks for the reply! Im new to all this, so could you suggest a pre amp board with mic input that might work?

    2. David

      Hi, i bought one of your voice changer boards a couple weeks back, and you suggested i could find a pre amp board that accepts mic input, but i cant find anything. Im new to this, so maybe i just dont know the right terminology to find it. Could you suggest a specific pre amp board with mic input? I want to set this up so that i can have a wireless microphone because my dalek is RC.

  5. Jaye Jordan

    Were can I buy a complete Remote NSD Dalek voice changer. Head set wireles to remote radio
    controled Dalek

  6. Grant

    I’m helping a teacher friend that bought your Dalek voice changer kit with the ultimate voice changer sheild v1.0.1. At the moment, I’m trying to load your dalek sketch you provided on your tindie page, but not having any luck. Mostly getting the error ‘MCP 3208’ does not name a type with some other errors that say things are not declared. I also tried another link you provided to GitHub that only takes me to a 404 page. Has the source code to the project been update lately, or maybe I’m looking in all the wrong places. Thank you.


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