Full Size Dalek

Soon after finishing my one-fifth scale Dalek Robot, I started work on a full size Dalek. This one is made from a combination of plywood, cardboard, PVC plumbing and acrylic Christmas decorations plus a good deal of duct tape and glue. Originally I made a paper mache dome but I couldn’t get it looking authentic enough, so I cheated and purchased a fiber glass dome from a Dalek builder in the UK.


There have been many variations of the Dalek design on Doctor Who over the years and this one is based on those featured in the story “Genesis of the Daleks” with Tom Baker as the Doctor. These are the Daleks that I watched the most as child.  Here’s a photo of the originals.


Doctor Who was a low budget show at this time and the build quality of the Daleks wasn’t the best. Brush strokes can be seen in some shots and there is quite a bit of variance between individual Daleks, so I chose to take some liberties with my interpretation (and cut many a corner to keep time and cost to a minimum).

When I started out on the project I had grand ambitions for turning this into a robot as well but I haven’t made that happen yet. Instead I have installed an Arduino and an Adafruit Wave Shield that I can use either as a voice changer or I can have it play sound clips that I downloaded from the Doctor Who web site.

Here’s a video of the voice changer in action.


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5 thoughts on “Full Size Dalek

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  2. Jacob

    I am working on building my own Dalek and have run into the same issue you have with the Dome. Do you still have the contact information for the person who built your dome? And how much did it cost you?

    1. andygrove Post author

      I bought mine from Andrew Argyle. His web site was whostuff.co.uk but it appears to be offline right now. Hope that helps.

  3. Nicola

    He’s probably offline because he’s been taking money for Dalek orders and not fulfilling them. I am one of at least five unlucky victims of this man 😡

    1. andygrove Post author

      You aren’t the first to tell me this so I’m publishing your comment in case it helps others.


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