This weekend’s progress with my K9 build

With all the pieces scotch taped in place, I started to apply plastic solvent glue on the inside and outside of all accessible seams. Once that had set I applied hot glue to as many seams as I could as well (just on the inside, obviously). Here are the photos of this stage:


Note that I have cut out along the etched line on the two side panels to make a removable side section. The removable section is actually made up of three panels.



The following day I started using expanding foam to make the whole structure stronger. Here’s a view of the inside.



I need to wait for this to cure and then I should be able to turn the base upside down and add hot glue and expanding foam to the sections I couldn’t get to yet. That is likely a job for next weekend.

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2 thoughts on “This weekend’s progress with my K9 build

  1. Chris

    What happened with your K-9 build? I’ve been tempted to do something similar and was curious if you finished yours?

    1. andygrove Post author

      Hi Chris,

      Unfortunately this project is on hold for now. The scope was too large for me at the time … too many details to figure out. I think I will return to this one day though.



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