Preparing for Denver Mini Maker Faire 2016

June 08, 2016

I was contacted about five weeks ago to see if I would be interested in taking my Dalek along to the Denver Mini Maker Faire with my local maker space, The Gizmo Dojo. I hadn't taken the Dalek to an event since 2014 and it was in a bit of a state of disrepair so I decided this would be a good opportunity to make some repairs and improvements. It was also good timing, since I have now learned enough about 3D design and printing to be able to make some custom parts that I was unable to manufacture before.

Here are the before and after photos showing the improvements made over the past five weeks. Hopefully it is obvious which is which.


I originally built the Dalek in 2012 and it was a long project. I eventually got tired of working on it and took some short cuts with the shoulder section and was never too happy with the results. To make it look a little more authentic I have now added some aluminum fly screen under the slats and drilled holes to add bolts to hold the slats in place. This makes the slats stand out from the body to make them more noticable.


I made a new eye, plunger arm, and gun. All use PVC plumbing along with 3D printed parts that were then spray painted.



If you want to come along to the faire, it is being held this coming weekend (June 11th/12th) at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. The Gizmo Dojo booth will be in the Southeast Atrium.