First attempt at laser-cutting

December 17, 2014

On Black Friday, rather than spend time getting crushed in the sales, I spent the day learning how to use Inkscape to produce a design for laser cutting. The design I'm working on is a new chassis for my autonomous vehicle. I found this great video on YouTube which really showed me everything I needed to know to get started.

It was slow going to start with, but after a while I felt I was getting the hang of this. I sent my initial design off to Ponoko ($35 including shipping) and around two weeks later the end result arrived. Here's a photo of the base and the sides. I was really pleased with the end result but unsurprisingly I made a couple of mistakes in the design, so I will have to do at least one more revision of this before I have anything usable.


Hopefully I'll find some time over Christmas to make more progress on this.