Looking like a Dalek now

May 06, 2012

I found a ball shaped screwdriver handle that was almost the perfect dimensions for the eye. It is a little larger than scale but I think it will work OK. I spray painted it black and spray painted a pen gray for the eye stalk (there is a wooden dowel inside for support). For the ears I am using plastic cap from travel sized bottles of laundry spray. I will be putting LEDs inside the eye and ears later on.


Here is a stack shot with the shoulders primed.


Next I used some silver poster board for the collars and slats and some more aluminum fly screen mesh for an authentic "Genesis of the Daleks" look.


I'm very pleased with the result although there are some parts that need a little  re-work but I can take my time with minor improvements. Now I need to start thinking about that plunger arm and gun ....