Making an Ood Translation Sphere

September 27, 2015

With Halloween approaching, I recently ordered a latex Ood mask from China for around $25. It's pretty realistic, but the costume would not be complete without a translation sphere, so I had to make one!

Here's a photo of me trying out the full costume for the first time.


This was a really simple project that was fun to put together. The starting point is a 100 mm diameter acrylic fillable ornament. You can find these in hobby stores pretty easily. The ornament has a plastic hoop attached for hanging the ornament on a tree, but this is easy removed with a hacksaw or craft knife.

The next step is to use some "frosted glass" spray paint (I used the Rustoleum version). I sprayed both the interior and exterior of the two halves of the ball. Tip: spray a little at a time and be patient for each layer to dry a bit before adding the next.

For the tubing, I ordered some beverage tubing from Amazon and cut a 2 foot length. To attach the tube to the sphere, I drilled a small hole through the bottom of one of the halves of the sphere and hot glued a screw in place. Another tip: when drilling acrylic, start with the smallest drill bit you have and drill hole, then repeat as required, moving up one size at a time. This reduces the risk of the acrylic shattering.


To attach the tube, I put some hot glue on the screw and then slipped the tubing over the top, being careful not to get hot glue on my fingers.

To make this look authentic I needed a silver/gray ring around the sphere. I used my 3D printer to create the ring. Another approach may have been to cut a strip of foam. The trick here is to attach this ring to the half of the sphere with the recessed lip, leaving a gap for the other half of the sphere to attach still.


That concludes the main part of the construction. The final step is to add some LED lighting! The simplest option here is to simply tape LEDs onto coin batteries. This has the advantage of being small too.


And here is the end result: