Octasonic HC-SR04 Breakout

The Octasonic HC-SR04 Breakout provides a simple way to connect up to 8 HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensors to a Raspberry Pi, Arduino or any other single board computer or microcontroller that uses either 5V or 3.3V and supports SPI.

The Octasonic breakout can be purchased from my Tindie store.


Getting Started

Use these guides to get everything wired up and validate that the board is working correctly before moving on to the Ultrasonic Pi Piano project.

Ultrasonic Pi Piano

Read the original instructable (based on the Rust version of the project) and then visit the GitHub repo for either the Rust or Python version for more information.


Language specific libraries for interacting with the Octasonic board.


For advanced users only! You can flash your Octasonic board with the latest firmware or even make your own modifications to the firmware.

Completed Projects


If you are stuck and your question is not answered in these documents, go ahead and send me an email at andygrove73@gmail.com but please note that I have a full time job and will usually not respond until the weekend.

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